Meet Your Junior Software Developer

Hello, thanks for visiting my page. My Name is James Halstead, and this page is a brief summary of me and the technologies I have experience with.

About James

Software Developer Since 2019

I won’t bore you with all the details and the long road that led me to life as a software developer but I will say it wasn’t my first career choice originally. I barely knew how to send an email when I enrolled in my local community college for their software development program and I had no idea what I was getting into. What started off as choosing this field as a way to have a more free lifestyle turned into finding a new hobby and passion.

Out of a class of 93 students, only 10 of us made it far enough to graduate on time, and out of those 10, only myself and 1 other person had no prior coding experience. I am super proud of what I have accomplished but it wasn’t for the lack of extremely hard work. I would often sit at my desk for 12-14 hours a day, watch the same lecture 5xs, restart a program from scratch, and missed many dinners as a family because I had an assignment deadline. I often felt jealous or resentful that other classmates would be playing video games or doing family outings while I had no leisure time. Those feelings are easily replaced when I see they didn’t make it through the program or won’t graduate on time. My dedication and drive allowed me to persevere through one of the most mentally challenging times of my life.

Honor Roll Achievements

I made President/Vice-President honor roll all but 1 quarter. Not to have an excuse but that was when all schools were shut down and my 2 oldest kids then had to do schooling from home, it took us a while to find a way to all work comfortably and it was distracting during that time causing my studies to suffer a bit. Checkout my awards HERE

Dedication / Passion

Why choose me

What sets me apart from the thousands of other junior devs? Well, I am older, so more mature in many ways. I am also new to this field, so I have the motivation and an eagerness to learn, I enjoy the challenge.

Prior to enrolling in school, I was self-employed in the landscape/maintenance field. That is when I first learned how to make a website, and the more I learned about making the best website, the more I realized I had a lot to learn and I had a passion for it.

Not only do I think React/Next is one of the coolest technologies available, but I also really enjoy the server-side of programming using Node.js or PHP(laravel).

The first time we created a mobile app using android studio, I was hooked. Admittedly, we spent more time with intelij just learning the basics and creating programs rather than actual apps but mobile development is just plain fun for me.

Git/Azure (source control)

HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript

React, Next

Nodejs, PHP


Team Development (Agile)

Visual studio code, Android studio, intelij


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