These are some of the technologies I know

Admittedly I don’t have much of a portfolio right now as I have been a student for the last 2 years but I will be updating my GitHub regularly going forward.


I’m sorry, I’m sure it’s a bit disappointing but because I am just finishing college I don’t have much to show for right now. I am providing my GitHub account and codepen as well, though, I haven’t used either of them very often up till this point. I do plan on using GitHub from now on even if it’s just for my Udemy courses.

Real world e-commerce web-app

This app is React/Redux but I also did it in React/Node.js using RESTful APIs.

Check out my React final project


My time as an intern we used Divi for creating websites, I was so impressed how quickly you could throw together a site that I bought my own Divi license.

This is a site I made as a final project in our WordPress class. Go ahead and check it out here


Checkout my GitHub here!

Android Store

Coming Soon!

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